Introducing our Christmas Collection

Now available to order on our website from our Christmas Collection

The Chocolate Fudge Cupcake.

A moist Chocolate Sponge cake with a salted caramel filling & topped with a chocolate caramel buttercream,and milk chocolate drizzle on top!

The Cinnamon Cupcake

A moist Cinnamon Spice Sponge cake topped with a cinnamon swirl buttercream,and golden crunch sprinkles on top!

The Black Forest Cupcake

A moist Chocolate Sponge cake filled with a black cherry filling and topped with a vanilla buttercream,black cherry drizzle,chocolate sprinkles & a cherry on top!

The Marshmallow Cupcake

A moist Vanilla Sponge cake with a Marshmallow filling topped with a marshmallow swirl buttercream, pink sprinkles and mini marshmallows on top!

The Vanilla Bean Cupcake

A moist Vanilla Sponge cake topped with a vanilla Bean swirl buttercream & fresh fruit on top

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