Delivery & Collection

Delivery cost within a 1 mile radius of SE14 is £5.00

Post Codes:

SE14, SE8, SE13, SE4, SE23, SE6, SE13, SE23, SE15, SE26


Delivery cost within a 3 mile radius of SE14 is £10.00

Post Codes:

SE5, SE24, SE16, SE19, SE24, SW9, SW2, SE10, SE3, SE20, SE21, SE27, SE12, SE17, SE1P, SE9, SE10, SE7, SE1, E14, SW2, E1W, E98, E1W, SE7, SE11, SE15, SE1, SE5, E14, SE7, SE18, SW16,SW19, SE27, SE19, EC1, E1, BR3, SE18


Delivery cost within a 5 mile radius of SE14 is £15.00


Post Codes:

E3, EC3N, SE11, EC3A, SE9, EC3R, E77, EC3M, SW8, EC3P, EC2N, EC3V, EC4R, SE25, EC4N, E2, SW4, EC2R, EC2M, EC3, EC4V, E6, EC2A, EC2P, EC4N, E16, EC4, EC2V, EC4M, EC1A, EC2V, EC4V, EC4A, EC4Y, EC1N, E8, EC1M, EC4P, EC2Y, EC1A, WC2, EC3M, BR1, EC1M, EC1A, EC2P, EC1Y, EC1V, EC2Y EC1Y EC4A EC1A SW1E SW1V SW1P, EC1M, SW1W, EC4A, SW8, SW11, SW17, BR4, SW1H, EC1N, WC2A, SW3, SW10, EC1P, BR2, E13, E9, EC1V, N1,WC1V, EC1R, WC99, SW12, WC1R, WC2H, WC2B, WC1X, E15, BR7, SW1E, SW1P, EC4Y, SW1A, WC2A, WC2E, WC2N, EC4A, WC2R, SW1Y, W1D, WC1H, W1T, WC1E, NW1, EC50, WC2H, EC2, EC2A, EC2M, WC1A, EC4V, WC1X, EC1A, EC3N, EC1V, EC1R, EC1M, WC1B, W1J, WC1N

Delivery Time Slots-





Please contact us if your postcode is not shown here and for prices outside of these areas


You may collect any product FREE of charge from us in New Cross SE14.

Opening times Mon-Fri 10am-5:00pm

Sat 10am-4:00pm (Closed Sundays)

Payment &





Orders MUST to be placed at least by 1PM for 48 HOUR COLLECTION and DELIVERY


This can be done securely online or by using our email address HEAVENLYRAINBOWCUPCAKES


Telephone and Email Order Payments need to be made at least 48 HOURS BEFORE DELIVERY/COLLECTION.


Failure to make the payment within this time will result in a delay in providing your order.

Cupcake Stand Hire

            Cupcake Stand Hire Service 

Cupcake Stands are a lovely way to display your cupcakes, great for events and special occasions.


Cupcake Stand Hire Cost: £10.00 Per Stand

Cupcake Stand Sizes Available:

4 Tier Stand - Holds up to 32 Cupcakes

5 Tier Stand - Holds up to 48 Cupcakes

6 Tier Stand - Holds up to 66 Cupcakes

Please contact us if you require a larger stand.


Cupcake Stand Hire & Returns Policies



All customers will be required to complete a Cupcake Stand Hire Agreement form.

Cupcake Stands need to be returned 48 HOURS AFTER THE HIRE DATE.


LATE RETURNS: Will result in a fee of £5 per day



Will result in a the FULL PAYMENT of the Cupcake Stand value of £10.00



Customer assumes all risks of loss or damage to the stand from any cause and agrees to return Cupcake stand(s) in the physical condition it was received. 


ASSIGNMENT: Customer shall not re-assign this rental or permit the Cupcake stand(s) to be used by anyone other than the Customer. 

If you have any queries or would like more information then please feel free to contact us.

Cancellations & Deposits

A 50% deposit payment is needed to confirm email and telephone orders and until payment is received your order cannot be guaranteed.

We reserve the right to cancel any order still awaiting payment 48 hours before the delivery/collection date.


If you need to change the date or details of your order or cancel it altogether please contact us as far in advance as possible.


Orders cancelled 7 days or more before the delivery/collection date will receive a full refund on the order total. 


Those cancelled within 4-6 days of delivery/collection will be entitled to a 50% refund. 


Those cancelled within 48 hours of the order date will NOT be entitled to a refund.

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